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KRC is dedicated to advancing solutions to society’s most pressing problems with research and products that are transformational, consequential, and impactful. We will incubate and nurture products from concept to commercialization. We will act big and associate with experts to form team-of-teams through partnerships, collaborations, consortiums and joint ventures. Federal validation helps and will be obtained through small business innovative research grants.

Our first project–LARS–challenges the paradigm of inefficient vertical lift and freight transport. By leveraging advanced technology, we are redesigning helicopter rotor systems. 

To raise money for our technology projects, I wrote a book! The Love Cycle of a Cicada is available now on Amazon and IngramSpark (ISBN: 9781961813618). Enjoy this tale dedicated to Gold Star military families and the promise we made to them, for love of country and devotion to friendship.

The Love Cycle of a Cicada

In 1970, a young Cincinnati Reds fan, struggling with his family’s move from Ohio to northern Virginia, develops his first crush on a classmate amidst the once-every-17-year emergence of the Atlantic Brood X cicadas. His dream of becoming a Major League catcher is transformed into a career as a Navy officer, but the bond with his childhood friend remains strong, their lives forever intertwined by a pact to repatriate her missing brother from the Vietnam War.

Marked by star-crossed encounters aligned with the emergence cycles of the Brood X cicadas, their lives reconverge when he, a terminal rear admiral, and she, a rising foreign diplomat, embark on a mission to, once and for all, find out what happened to her brother, and bring him home.

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A Levitated Annular Rotor System for Vertical Flight

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